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In 2002 when we first began creating GLOSSOPEDIA® we did so as much out of desperation as any genius. We were frustrated that our education efforts in classrooms, workshops, outdoor schools and home schooling were being blocked because the greatest global education resource ever invented – the Internet – was not free, safe, or child-friendly. Educators and parents said “no” there kids couldn’t have full access. So we created and built GLOSSOPEDIA.

Today, over a decade later, millions have used GLOSSOPEDIA, and it remains a unique learning resource: totally free to use, chid-safe (no outside links) and child-friendly (written at upper 4th grade reading level.) Over 100 articles about life and this planet, even space, fill the GLOSSOPEDIA.


Come Learn with Us

GLOSSOPEDIA, is our multimedia online interactive encyclopedia, connecting kids to the world by supporting discovery of nature, animals, science, and culture. No other resource like it exists, primarily because GLOBIO owns or has long-term rights to all the content explored in GLOSSOPEDIA.

GLOSSOPEDIA is a first of its kind resource, but its real advantage is in the depth of its visually exciting, rich multi-media content, including photos and video of rare plants and endangered species from wildlife reserves and environments across the globe. Each GLOSSOPEDIA article contains text, video clips, audio files (vocabulary pronunciation guides, recorded animal sounds, etc.), photo galleries, maps, interactive features, and content-related vocabulary lessons. Children explore GLOSSOPEDIA content by using one of four search and discovery tools: a text search; “GeoSearch,” a geography-based graphic interface; and a photo image search and a current events “In The News” search. GLOSSOPEDIA also includes a Fast Facts section, and an email tool so children can submit questions.

The world’s first children’s encyclopedia of learning that is…

  • All online and interactive
  • Kid-friendly and specific
  • A colorful place for kids to discover nature, animals, science, and culture
  • Safe, free, at home, at school, anywhere you access the Internet
  • USA Sciences, Language arts and Technology standards aligned
  • Perfect for challenged readers
  • Used by English as a Second Language educators around the world

Learning Activity Guides

To enhance learning and educators ability to use GLOSSOPEDIA, with the support of Toyota USA Foundation, we created Learning Activity Guides, of LAGs. Learn more about LAGs and how they help you use GLOSSOPEDIA to meet US education standards in math, science, language and history. And LAGs are free too!